IRAN has a great mining potential with many economical deposits. Some of the most important mining industries of Iran such as iron-, copper-, coal-, and titanium are located in Kerman province.

In the line with the goals of the country's scientific vision program and the importance of expanding studies and research in the field of interdisciplinary orientations to achieve the goals of the program based on provincial, regional and national needs, the Research and Technology Institute of Mining Industries (RTIMI) obtained approval from the Higher Education Development Council and started its official activity in 2007.

RTIMI organized its activities within the framework of the following three groups:

Materials Identification and Protection

Materials Recycling and Processing

Materials Production and Separation


Based on the positive evaluation of the RTIMI by the experts of the Ministry of Education, in 2009 the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology agreed definitively with the establishment of MIRTI at Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman.   The RTIMI is now a successful research and technology center with different national and international cooperation in the field of advanced mining and material processing including Biomining.